REVEAL - Know, Own and Make Known

Remember to call if you need help in deciding which class to take and when. This is the most difficult part of REVEAL, and we'd like to help you with it!

If you are a visitor to this site, and you'd like to know more about REVEAL, please CALL the church office at 320-864-6157 to talk with DCE Ted Stroming about this program. We'd like to help you learn more about God - His work and His Word.

If you find you have misplaced your REVEAL booklet, or just don't have it handy, you can view it here: REVEAL BOOKLET and here for the  2016-2017 REVEAL Calendar.




Cup      (Bread Article)

Tablets (Supplements:  #1  #2  #3)

Altar     (Supplement #1)

Cross   (Supplement #1)


Water   (Supplement #1)


Fuel: Sunday Morning Youth 


Advanced Biblical Study (Supplement #1)

Reformation/Martin Luther


Cults, Sects, Denominations

Online Registration

You may now register online by clicking on the 'REVEAL' button below. The $15 registration fee can be paid directly to the office or by clicking on the yellow PayPal 'Buy Now' button below.

September 7, 2016:

The REVEAL Booklet, Calendar, and Syllibi will be updated as they are complete.

Thank you for your patience as we update and add to this page. You may also continue to sign-up as usual through the office.

Questions? Call Ted at 320-864-6157

New this year to REVEAL:

We have laid out a suggested plan for core and elective A classes. Many times we get asked what classes they should take and even though it is a ‘take at your own pace’ program, we find that some are taking too many too soon, or not completing them until last minute when it is too late.

Please follow this guide to get the most out of the confirmation experience and ensure success. The classes have also been laid out in an age appropriate way (to the best of our ability).

5th Grade

Altar (Core)

Cross (Core)

Creation and Evolution (Elective A) (6)

6th Grade

Tablets (core)

Apple (core)

Reformation (Elective A) (4)

Cults, Sects and Denominations (Elective A) (4)

7th Grade

Ship (Core)

Key (Core)

Dirt (Core)

Advanced Bible Study (Elective A) (4)

8th Grade

Water (Core)

Cup (Core)

Ethics: Beginning (Elective A) (3)

Ethics: End (Elective A) (3)

This model gives the student all of the required Core classes and 24 Elective A credits. This will leave the student with 9 credits left to obtain through Elective B opportunities (which include: any offered Elective B class and speakers). They can also obtain more Elective A credits through the Missions category (which includes: Fuel, Camp, and Jr. High Youth Group attendance).

*Remember: This part of completion for Confirmation = ALL Core Classes, 18 or more elective A classes and 15 of a combination of Elective A & B classes of your choosing.