Mission work has always been the major thrust of the church, be it at home or abroad. When we examine our finances we need always keep in mind that all the moneys we spend are ultimately directed toward mission work. Included in that is $1,375 each month that is sent to the district and synod for work at home and abroad. We are excited to report that in January of 2017 two members of Good Shepherd, Peter Gepson and Purple Hayes, will be participating in a one week mission trip to Haiti. This is the second time in two years that members from Good Shepherd have gone overseas into the mission field. In addition to that, your free will contributions on Mission Sunday of this year helped support the repair of a bus in Haiti that will transport our mission team and many others who do work in Haiti. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! We look forward to having a trip report in January from those who are going this year. Please keep our mission team in your prayers.


SUMMER MISSIONS We have 10 people (4 adults and 6 youth), signed up for this summer mission trip to Shoshone Base Camp in Idaho. The dates of the trip are June 22- July 2, 2017.


The Mission team is selling Morning Star coffee. It is freshly roasted organic coffee. It is a socially responsible company that has been providing the Midwest with sustainable, green coffee since 1996. They offer the highest quality certified,

fair-trade, rain-forest alliance and shade grown coffees. Orders will be turned in by December 11. We are hoping you will get them in time for Christmas and you can give as gifts. The 12 oz. bag will sell for $13.00, either whole bean or ground. The mission team will make nearly 50% of profit off each bag sold.


God is doing some pretty amazing things. Opportunities are right in front of us, and all around. This is an exciting time for Good Shepherd, as it always is when God is leading!

2016 National Youth Gathering--New Orleans, LA

2016 Adult Mission Trip to Haiti

The HLMS mission team currently in Haiti has been having a wonderful experience. This team, consisting of HLMS President, Pastor Robert Nowak and his wife Bonnie, HLMS Vice President Jack Hunter and his wife Pam, as well as others from their home in Minnesota have been busy working alongside Haitian friends at numerous locations. They have spent time at the orphanage, begun an incredible painting project in Leogane and delivered much needed supplies. Please keep them in your prayers for continued health and safety during the remainder of their trip. 

2015 Youth Mission Trip to Kansas City, KS

Sunday 7/19/2015: After being sent off by their families and Julie, the team makes the 7 hour drive to Kansas City, KS. Arriving safety, they get settled in and attend their orientation meeting.

Monday 7/20/2015: Awake and ready for a day of serving the Lord. Well, maybe, it looks for sure like Jordan, Jess, and Aaron are. We'll see if Ted sends any pics later of Krista, Michael and Andrew looking more awake :-)

Tuesday 7/21/2015: It looks like they really worked hard today. From the pictures it also looks like they were at a lot of places getting things done.

Wednesday 7/22/2015: They have been sending pics all day! It look like they are working hard and lovin' their time together and in Kansas. We are missing them greatly here at home, but the rewards are greater. Keep them in your prayers! 

Thursday 7/23/2015: From the pictures Ted sent, it looks like this morning started out in quiet reflection. What a peaceful way to start their day.